Winter Landscaping: Plan Now To Add Winter Interest To Your Garden

March 5th 2015
Four Seasons

Winter Landscaping

What better time to think of winter landscape appeal than right now? Beautiful, functional landscape design isn’t just for our summer months. Take a walk through your home right now. Looking out your windows, what do you notice? If all you see is white and evergreen, consider some landscape alterations this spring to create year-round interest. Just because the seasons change doesn’t mean your landscape has to be dull and dreary.

Shrubs like Witch Hazel, Red Twig or Yellow Twig Dogwood are particularly striking against the white of winter.

Landscaping in the Winter

It’s easy to create elements of color and establish visual interest in spring and summer. But when autumn goes by and winter rolls around, snow covering makes it more challenging, but not impossible. It is essential to have visual interest at your entrances and outside your favorite windows. This can be accomplished with seasonal planters and shrubs that display color even in the middle of winter.

Shrubs like Witch Hazel, Red Twig or Yellow Twig Dogwood are particularly striking against the white of winter. Nandina ‘Gulf Stream’ is recommended for its superb red-and orange-toned winter color. ‘Gulf Stream’ is a tough plant tolerant of urban conditions. And Hellebores have attractive evergreen foliage that will be one of the first to blossom in spring. These are just some of the possibilities to consider.

And be sure to plan for spring flowering bulbs to make a glorious display.

A thriving winter landscape has the correct hardscape elements in the right locations. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit provides warmth and light in your outdoor space. Plant shrubs and trees to attract birds, and you will enjoy their color and antics through the cold and dreary months. Consider benches, arbors, pergolas, or trellises for visual interest. Coated in snow, they are like artwork. Add dramatic lighting this year to light and shadow the long winter nights.

If you’re ready to create a winter landscape with stunning views next season, Four Seasons has more than 30 years of experience and expertise in landscape design and installation. We have extensive knowledge of the elements needed for a thriving winter landscape.

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