Spring Color in the Landscape

April 18th 2022
Brandon Opperthauser

Landscaping with Spring Color

It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and spring has finally sprung! Let’s look at a few different ways to add pops of color to your landscape in the early season.

Landscaping with Trees & Shrubs

Cherry Blossom are a staple to spring. Nothing else provides such a sweet aroma as you stroll through a neighborhood or your garden. With many advancements in plant genetics, these trees have only become better while providing a selection of wide varieties.

Forsythia, an early flowering shrub pictured above, can be seen mostly along property lines and naturalized areas to provide privacy. As you take your afternoon stroll around your neighborhood, you’ll notice bright yellow flowers popping everywhere. These are forsythia, and are a great indication that spring has finally arrived!

Perennials in the Landscape

While only a few perennials are flowering quite yet, as most are still hidden under the mulch, there are ways to incorporate color into your landscape far before your daylilies start to shine, but this requires a bit of planning. Bulbs such as Iris, Daffodils, Tulips and many others are a great way to get that early color before the summer flowering perennials start to take over.

These plants require some more forward-thinking as planning should be done in the late summer/fall, when spring flowering bulbs should be planted. It’s always a good idea to refresh your bulbs every couple of years to ensure a healthy yield of color season after season.

Landscaping with Annuals

Pansies are extremely cold hardy annuals, and some may even overwinter if in the proper location. Pansies can withstand the icy storms we tend to get here in Michigan early on in the year but will need to be replaced with other annuals as they aren’t as tolerant to the summer heat and humidity.

Containers in the Landscape

Colorful containers such as pots and planters can really upgrade the look of your home while adding a splash of color is the drearier months. This is a simple way to add your favorite colors to your front entry, in your gardens, or around your patio. Choosing colors that best complement the home and gardens is important to consider when selecting your new planters.