Patios Today: The New Bonus Room

July 27th 2017
Glen Goldberg

The New (Outdoor) Bonus Room

A realtor I respect has suggested that Four Seasons is way ahead of the curve with our patio designs and outdoor living projects. From her perspective, the patios we design are the new bonus rooms of the real estate market. They are an added feature to the property. She says a bonus room is typically a large room in a house that might serve as a family room, game room, home cinema, or multi-purpose area. The modern social space created on the patio can be all that and is a real estate prize.

In real estate terms, a bonus room is best defined by what it is not: It typically does not have a closet. It might not even have a door, windows, or all four walls. The ceilings may be lower than typical. In other words, a bonus room might lack the features of a traditional room. It is typically found in attics, above garages, or in oddly leftover spaces.

In the outdoor living spaces we create, your “door” is to the out-of-doors and your ceiling is made of the moon and stars. But, like the bonus room inside, it lacks no windows and walls. It is just lots of adaptable space to use as you please. 

Options and Features for the Space

Cooking, Grilling, Baking
Select from simple BBQ enclosures to fully functioning outdoor kitchens to rival yours in the home or a pizza oven. Who needs delivery anymore?

Dining & Entertaining
Outdoor spaces are perfect for dinner for two or feeding the crowd. Ideal for teenage get-togethers – they are on their own, but you know where they are.

Fire Table, Fire Pit, or Fireplace
A fire feature adds charm and warmth and makes a stunning centerpiece for the space. Wood or gas, a fire feature will extend the s’mores season for quite a while.

Built-in or comfortable, cushioned furniture, a hammock or a daybed are perfect for reading, napping, and conversation.

Media Room
Sound systems, TV mounts, and media room equipment in the latest technologies come designed for the outdoor room.

Sun control
Umbrellas, pergolas, or fabric shade systems keep everyone comfortable in the sunshine.

So, yes, design the space for you, but know what an excellent investment you make in your home. Creature comforts for outdoor living are evolving and being developed every day. Whether you need a media room, playroom, reading nook, teen/tween escape pod, or a combination, we will add the perfect bonus room. Plan now for next year. It all starts here.