Outdoor Trends for 2014: Some Surprises!

October 24th 2013
Glen Goldberg

2014 Landscape Design Trends

A recent magazine confirmed many of my instincts but also held a few surprises for me. The article highlighted the Top 2014 Garden Trends.

No surprise: We are spending more leisure time outdoors and spending more decorating our gardens as well. According to Garden Media Group’s recently released 2014 Garden Trends Report, this observation identifies several significant trends in the marketplace that will impact gardening habits in 2014 and beyond.

Here is a list of the Group’s Top Outdoor Trends for 2014:

  1. Superfoods: Blueberries, kale, and dandelions!
  2. BYOB: Growing berries for smoothies and fermentation gardens for home brewing.
  3. Building Out: Growing emphasis on outdoor spaces as an extension of today;’s homes, built with an eye to cohesive design.
    Bee-ing Smart: Planting native, pollen-rich flowers, trees, and veggies to provide safe shelters or pollinating bees and other beneficial insects.
    Exotic Edibles: Growing your own veggies and herbs from an ever-expanding global palate.
    Investment Dressing: Using elegant containers thoughtfully as art in the outdoors.
    Geometry 101: Simple straight lines are out; think of a classic garden with triangles, circles, and squares.
    Look who’s gardening! Young men 18-34 are spending $100 more than the average gardener. They want home-grown veggies on their built-in grill; they are growing their own hops for home-brewed beer; and taking the kids out to play in the dirt.
    Ground Up: Composting is on the rise; food scraps are the new recyclables.

Economic Improvement and Choosing to Restore Balance

Socializing outside is a trend leading to record growth in outdoor rooms, furnishings, and lawn games. Why the dramatic increase? This study points to economic improvement and people choosing to restore balance. People appreciate the need to connect with nature and how this can lead to a delighted, purposeful life. But people still want their outdoor space to look beautiful, with high-quality eco-friendly products.

“2014 is all about balance. People finally appreciate that being in nature and the garden is true bliss,” says Katie Dubow, creative director of Garden Media Group. “but now they want the garden to do double duty: a zen oasis and a social hub for entertaining. Surrounding yourself with nature, with trees in the yard and houseplants in the office, brings a sense of peace, boosts productivity and enhances your quality of life – in addition to providing a great escape from the hustle and bustle of a technology-intense life.”

Your landscaping isn’t created for one season or even one year. A well-designed, stylish landscape is meant to grow and evolve over time. Each year we endeavor to research new trends in the industry as new things become available in the marketplace and lifestyles change. Our job is to help incorporate these elements into your new or existing design.

What can we design for you in 2014?