Outdoor Living: A Daily Destination

June 29th 2017
Four Seasons

Outdoor Living and Summer

Whether you have a porch, pool or patio, creating a luxurious outdoor living space helps you take full advantage of warm weather. You want your suburban getaway to have a no-hurries/no-worries sensibility: a space for some serious me-time. Time for a disconnect; as far off the grid as you can get in 20 paces or so.

If you are in the planning stages, here are some thoughts to make the most of your outdoor living area.

It's Not Just For Parties

Plan to move family meals outdoors more often. Grill something simple and dine al fresco. Add a relaxed seating area with a fire bowl to allow the family to linger outdoors on cool evenings and extend the season.

It's Not Just For Dinner

Create a ‘breakfast patio’ as one client did on a small patio just off the Master Suite. Take a little time for coffee while you check the news online in the morning. Come back in the evening to share your day with a glass of something cool.

Make It Your Space, 3-Seasons of Outdoor Living

You dream outdoor space should be an extension of the interior of your home (imagine your own outdoor pizza oven!). Create a seamless feeling between your home’s interior and your new modern living space.

  • Carry the color scheme from inside to outside.
  • Extend the surfaces of your kitchen to the counters of your outdoor area.
  • Plan on ample, comfortable seating and a place to eat.
  • Include mounted fans to cool you and shoo insects from the unscreened space.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled smart fans can even automatically adjust for heat and humidity.
  • Hang an adjustable candlelit chandelier that can be raised or lowered for a unique ambiance.
  • An outdoor fireplace or fire pit makes it a three-season space, but a pizza oven will make your backyard a destination!
  • Add your own inventive and stylish touches.
  • Get inspired and have a look at our portfolio.

Outdoor living areas should feel comfortable and sheltered. An updated landscape will give your room privacy and structure. A line of trees becomes a wall; their spreading canopy becomes the ceiling of your room. Consider a free-standing fountain to add movement and a cooling atmosphere.

We love collaborating with our clients. We bring their dreams and our expertise together for great gathering places. What are you dreaming up? Let us build it together. Get started with a phone call today. By next year, who knows?