Outdoor Fireplaces, Built To Suit

August 19th 2013
Glen Goldberg

Firepits Extend Time With Family

Returning from our Traverse City location this week, early signs of autumn were already evident along the highway. A few trees were beginning to turn on the fall color. It’s August! We have enjoyed such wonderfully cool evenings that plants have already started their fall show.

The last stretch of summer and the beginning weeks of fall are perfect for outdoor activities. There is still enough light in the sky after dinner for a game of catch, a volleyball match, or a favorite game at the patio table. As the sky darkens and the air cools, would you rather move inside or gather around a fire to keep the party going?

I love the trend of backyard outdoor fireplaces. Fireplaces and firepits extend our time with family and friends, even extend the season, giving off light and heat. An outdoor fireplace can be a great addition to the yard, with many options from which to choose:

Fire pits are more affordable and can be installed within days.

  • A completely custom-built fireplace makes your backyard stand out. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that blends in perfectly, and most people, given a choice, would pick this option. The downside is that the high price and installation time can be lengthy.
  • Fire pits are more affordable and can be installed within days. You will want to provide an area around the fire pit for seating, using materials that blend with your existing hardscapes.

Or maybe you’re looking for something with a little more impact:

A great in-between option is choosing a pre-engineered fireplace system. These consist of pre-cut block, which are sealed with mortar, and then covered with a stone veneer. This gives you the look of a beautiful custom fireplace without starting entirely from scratch. You can choose the finish to get a perfect match or complement the rest of your yard.

So whatever your preference, keep your guests warm and entertained at your central gathering place. The party stays hot in your cool retreat, fueled by wood or gas.