Welcome Designers Megan Polfus and Jarod Fritchman

February 17th 2023
Four Seasons

Two New Designers Join the Team

The Four Seasons Garden Center & Custom Landscape Design team is expanding. Recently, two new Designers joined our team. Let’s spend some time getting to know Megan Polfus and Jarod Fritchman.

Megan Polfus

Although new to Four Seasons, Megan has been a proud member of the green industry for over 12 years. With a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Landscape Design from Michigan State University, her designs tend to focus heavily on the overall health and success of each plant chosen. She not only considers how the space will look immediately after install, but also with the next 20 to 30 years in mind as plants continue to grow and mature.

Megan decided to pursue a career in Landscape Design because it combines all the things she enjoys the most. “It challenges me creatively, gets me outdoors, and allows me to meet and get to know people from all different backgrounds. On top of all that, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a project go from paper to reality and something that can be enjoyed for years to come.”

Jarod Fritchman

Jarod joins Four Seasons with over five years of experience working as a Landscape Crew Leader and Designer. Jarod is the new Landscape Management Coordinator and will be overseeing our maintenance program. He loves problem solving and diagnosing plant health. He said, “being able to figure out why plants do what they do will always be interesting for me. I always knew anywhere I was working with plants and people I would be the happiest and feel the most fulfilled.”

“Creativity thrives where challenges lie.” —Jarod Fritchman

Megan and Jarod both agree that what they love most about their careers is the variety and being able to help people. Megan said, “every site, every client, and every project is different from the next, which prevents things from ever getting stale.” One thing Jarod lives by is “creativity thrives where challenges lie.”

We are looking forward to seeing all the landscape design projects Megan and Jarod will be working on this year. Now is the perfect time to start discussing your plans with us to create your dream outdoor space.