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We have been writing this blog for over a decade and are thrilled with the response and community it has generated for us. The Four Seasons Garden Center Team looks forward to sharing additional resources with the community to educate and inspire.

Each month our team writes a new blog, expect to read articles on DIY gardening, trends and seasonal ideas for the Michigan landscape. Also, meet the team, project updates and much more. We appreciate you reading and hope you find inspiration for your landscape.

June 2, 2016
Like your favorite music and food, landscape style and inspiration can come from all parts of the world. There are many landscape styles to influence your outdoor spaces.
Four Seasons
April 2, 2016
Successful front yard landscapes must be easy to maintain, with plants that are hardy to our region. And they need to look good in all seasons.
Four Seasons
January 16, 2016
Lake Orion native Nicole Curtis is an advocate of preserving old homes. The HGTV’s Rehab Addict teamed up with Quicken Loans in July 2015 to restore the iconic 139-year-old Venetian Gothic mansion on Alfred Street in Brush Park.
Four Seasons
October 20, 2015
Sedums are perennials known for their distinctive, colorful, fleshy foliage in shades from pink, rose, purple, and burgundy to blue, green, and chartreuse.
Four Seasons
August 12, 2015
If you are lucky enough to have beautiful old trees on your property, you are undoubtedly thankful for the shade but have often longed for a more vibrant garden.
Glen Goldberg
July 31, 2015
Hydrangeas have become a key summertime show-off in front and backyards nationwide. Learn about new varieties and top hydrangea choices for the landscape.
Glen Goldberg
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