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We have been writing this blog for over a decade and are thrilled with the response and community it has generated for us. The Four Seasons Garden Center Team looks forward to sharing additional resources with the community to educate and inspire.

Each month our team writes a new blog, expect to read articles on DIY gardening, trends and seasonal ideas for the Michigan landscape. Also, meet the team, project updates and much more. We appreciate you reading and hope you find inspiration for your landscape.

July 14, 2023
It's Hydrangea Blooming Season! Hydrangeas are a staple in landscape design projects in Michigan due to their stunning blooms and vibrant colors.
Casey Davis
June 14, 2023
Brandon Opperthauser is a member of the landscape design team and loves the flexibility his career as a Landscape Designer allows him. What can Brandon design for you?
Casey Davis
May 8, 2023
Several years ago my son, Shane, encouraged me to watch a TED talk by Simon Sinek. I have watched it a few times since then. I ask ‘why’ more often now.
Glen Goldberg
April 7, 2023
Alexandra Hossfeld joined Four Seasons Garden Center & Custom Landscape Services two years ago and has been creating exceptional landscape design projects since her first day.
Casey Davis
February 17, 2023
The Four Seasons Garden Center & Custom Landscape Design team is expanding. Recently, two new Designers joined our team.
Four Seasons
November 24, 2022
As fall begins to wind down, we move right into winter. Let’s go through some essential items to remember when pruning this winter.
Brandon Opperthauser
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