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We have been writing this blog for over a decade and are thrilled with the response and community it has generated for us. The Four Seasons Garden Center Team looks forward to sharing additional resources with the community to educate and inspire.

Each month our team writes a new blog, expect to read articles on DIY gardening, trends and seasonal ideas for the Michigan landscape. Also, meet the team, project updates and much more. We appreciate you reading and hope you find inspiration for your landscape.

May 21, 2024
Studies show that homeowners rate (on a scale of 1-10) their outdoor projects highly—with Joy Scores at nine or above.
Casey Davis
April 10, 2024
As the spring season begins, we are taking the time to look closer at our clients’ most requested design trends.
Casey Davis
December 12, 2023
Each year, our team takes time to reflect on all the landscape design-build projects we completed. Read about our 2023 landscaping year in review...
Casey Davis
September 8, 2023
We are delighted to have been featured in the August 2023 issue of Michigan BLUE. It was an honor to be trusted by this Bloomfield family in transforming their outdoor space into the backyard of their dreams.
Casey Davis
August 3, 2023
A well-designed walkway should provide a welcome aesthetic quality in the materials used and the landscape around it.
Casey Davis
July 14, 2023
It's Hydrangea Blooming Season! Hydrangeas are a staple in landscape design projects in Michigan due to their stunning blooms and vibrant colors.
Casey Davis
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