Take The Party Outside

September 8th 2023
Casey Davis

Landscape Transformation in Bloomfield

We are delighted to have been featured in the August 2023 issue of Michigan BLUE. It was an honor to be trusted by this Bloomfield family in transforming their outdoor space into the backyard of their dreams. Feature reprinted below with permission. 

How a plainly landscaped home transformed into the it place

Want to spruce up your landscaping and make some changes that take your outdoor entertaining space from so-so to whoa-whoa? We discovered a few secrets that the folks at Four Seasons Garden Center and Custom Landscape Services swear by. Founder and president Glen Goldberg recently shared his tips with Michigan BLUE readers.

Michigan BLUE: Your team oversaw a beautiful overhaul in Bloomfield recently and we’d love to know some of your insider secrets on what it takes to take an outdoor entertaining space to the next level. What were the goals for that specific space?

Glen Goldberg: Our goals were to incorporate a new covered deck area for outdoor dining and relaxing with the homeowners’ new, more modern pool deck, tying both together seamlessly. The homeowners wanted to update finishes and make their backyard space more functional and appealing.

Always start with a licensed professional with plenty of experience. Also, consider your investment range and your priorities. Sometimes, design elements can be phased in over a period of time. 

MB: What type of family lives there and how do they use it?

GG: The homeowners are a middle-aged couple with two children. They use the space to entertain family and friends as well as to enjoy quiet time on their own.

MB: What areas did you work on?

GG: We worked mostly in the back and west side of the home with a few enhancements in the front and east side.

MB: What did it look like before?

GG: The areas were quite dated and not very functional. In addition, there were many different finishes, and some areas were structurally failing. The pool maintenance area was also visible.

MB: What are your favorite parts of the design?

GG: The seamless flow from space to space. We added low voltage lighting, which makes the space safe to navigate. The lighting also puts an accent on some of the design features. The landscaping helped soften lines of the features as well as screen and hide the pool equipment. The homeowners’ unique wood-metal wood-burning fire feature (looks like a large globe) added quite a bit of interest; we surrounded that area with turf. We added a functional seating area and stairs off the master suite of the home as well.

MB: What did you use for inspiration?

GG: Botanical gardens.

MB: What types of plants work well (and why) near pool environments?

GG: A combination of evergreens, grasses, and flowering shrubs. It’s important not to place them too close to the pool to lessen exposure to chlorine. A mix of those types of plants offers a combination of colors, textures, and sizes that complement each other.

MB: When considering hiring a landscape specialist/nursery such as yours to renovate a yard space (and add a fire feature) what should homeowners be thinking of/considering before they make the call?

GG: Always start with a licensed professional with plenty of experience. Also, consider your investment range and your priorities. Sometimes, design elements can be phased in over a period of time. Contact the city and/or township government offices first to understand their regulations and the design elements that are or are not allowed. Each city and township’s rules vary greatly and can be quite different. Some examples of what must be understood are lot lines and how far features need to be set back from the home. Also, take ample time during the planning stage for the best outcome in long run.

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