Landscape Lighting: LED’s Lead The Way

September 30th 2014
Glen Goldberg

Landscape Lighting

We are proud to be experts and professionals in landscaping design and installation and the artistry of landscape lighting.

As the sun sets lower in the sky, the fall colors become more saturated, and we can enjoy the beauty of a landscape in transition. The shorter days and cooler temperatures signal a time to settle in and scale back on outdoor activities. Fortunately, though, we will still experience some warm sunny days, beckoning us to wear a jacket and go outdoors for one more adventure.

Longing to grill again before closing the lid for winter, we find the sizzling steak is getting harder to see as the daylight is shortening. And what better time to add lighting to your landscape!

Whether you desire lighting for increased safety and security, long to add accent lighting to create beautiful silhouettes against a snowy backdrop, or you want to see the grill top better, our landscape designers are available now to evaluate your landscape lighting needs and work with you through the entire design and installation process.

Additionally, newer landscape lighting uses LED bulbs, which add minimal cost to your monthly utility bill and last much longer than traditional lighting.

As our outdoor living areas continue to evolve, so does lighting design.

Eco-Friendly Landscape Design

Eco-friendly landscape lighting solutions are not just an alternative but a priority for today’s homeowners. As a hugely important element of overall landscape design, we now have options that include the most sustainable, beautiful lighting options for your outdoor spaces.

Homeowners have embraced the new LEDs that lower their energy costs and reduce pollution. LEDs don’t heat up like incandescents; they last longer and are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs. Over the past few years, LEDs have gotten better and brighter, and they can be turned on and off (and even change color and brightness!) with a simple touch.

As our outdoor living areas continue to evolve, so does lighting design. Combine form and function by making your home safer and more beautiful. Area lighting, step lighting, and downlighting should be considered in every landscape design to enhance your outdoor experience and provide a safe passage for you and your guests.