2023 Landscape Design—Year in Review

December 12th 2023
Casey Davis

The Landscape Team Looks Back

As the 2023 landscape season draws to a close, we wanted to review our year and share our gratitude to all the wonderful clients we worked with this year to create their dream outdoor living space.

Our Mission Statement is Collaboration. Innovation. Exceed Expecations.

Each year, our team takes time to reflect on all the landscape design-build projects we completed. It is a time for our team to discuss our collective success, talk through challenges and what we can do to improve in the future. Our Mission Statement is Collaboration. Innovation. Exceed Expectations.

These annual review meetings are pivotal to our team’s continued success.

West Bloomfield Backyard Renovation

One of the projects discussed was a total backyard renovation of a property in West Bloomfield. Landscape Architect Alexandra Hossfeld designed the project, and it was a collaborative team effort with members from all crews working on the project.

Alexandra transformed a yard that was just grass into the ultimate definition of outdoor living. The project included an ample patio space for outdoor dining, a separate area for a firepit and a landing with steps leading from the back of the house to the patio.

This property was one of our most significant projects of the year and was not without its challenges. However, the Four Seasons Garden Center team was able to collaborate on solutions and quickly solve any problems standing in our way. At the end of the installation, the yard was beautiful, and the clients were happy.

Hardscape Installation in Berkley

Another of our favorite projects was a project we installed in the early spring in Berkley. Created by Landscape Designer Brandon Opperthauser and designed for a growing family with young kids, Brandon designed a patio with seat walls to entertain all summer. We also transformed the front yard landscape to complement the home’s charming exterior.

A (Landscaping Services) Year in Review

Here is a recap of the Four Seasons Garden Center & Custom Landscape Services year:

What can we design/build for you in 2024?

We look forward to next year and can’t wait to share more landscape design + install accomplishments with you. If you’re interested in working with us on a project for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us at 248-543-4400 or info@fsgc1.com.