Landscape Design: Walk This Way

August 3rd 2023
Casey Davis

Pathways and Walkways in the Landscape

Pathways and walkways have different functions in a well-designed landscape. Simply put, walkways mean to guide people from one place to another. They can also define your landscape’s different areas while connecting and unifying them.

A well-designed walkway should provide a welcome aesthetic quality in the materials used and the landscape around it. 

Walkways serve many functions and can lead to many places. A well-designed walkway should also provide a welcome aesthetic quality in the materials used and the landscape around it. A walkway can replace a well-worn path in the lawn and keep the property looking fresh.

Front Door Walkways

A walkway leading to the front door should welcome your visitor. Adding colorful plants or fragrant blossoms along the way engages the senses. If the function of your walkway is to get from here to there, a straight line is a good choice, but it does not need to be boring. A simple walkway will make a statement when you choose the right materials.

Backyard Paths and Walks

If it is as much about the trip as the destination, you want some meandering for the stroll. A curved path can present new vistas around every turn. Plantings along the walkway will emphasize the sweep of the landscape. The changing view will slow down the traffic. A focal point hidden around a curve is a surprise. Perfect in the garden or leisure areas of the yard and effective in any size lot.

Landscape Walkway Materials

Your landscape designer will consider your lifestyle and the architecture of your home when recommending the walkway material. Engineered pavers come in many sizes, textures, and colors. Natural stone is always an option, but the versatility of pavers makes them the most popular choice. Natural stone like bluestone, flagstone, or limestone is often used as stepping stones, a more informal look.

Let Us Design + Install Your New Walkway

Trust our landscape professionals to design, specify, and install the best walkways for your landscape. Whether a wandering path or a functional walkway, formal or informal, our experience will lead you in the right direction.