Flower Containers and Modern Design

July 15th 2015
Glen Goldberg

Flower Containers

Flower containers are an essential and versatile addition to your garden, patio, deck, and entryways. They can add interest, reflect your distinctive style, and define your outdoor spaces. A custom container planting can add the right touch of sophistication and allure to your space.

Benefits of Flower Containers

Add Street Interest: Planters are an excellent way to define and add visual appeal to curbs, driveways, and walkways leading up to your porch. Planters can be permanent or movable and are available in materials from concrete, metal, and wood to classic terracotta, clay, and lightweight composites that rival the genuine article for style. Containers are available in various colors, finishes, shapes and sizes and can quickly add color and interest to any landscape.

Reflect Your Style: You have your distinct aesthetic. From spare, modern landscapes to complex, layered gardens, there are container and plant combinations to reflect your style. Consider how it can be adjusted for the seasons by using plant material that has a striking autumn colour. Remove faded annuals, and add bright autumn accents.

Containers Make a Considerable Impact

Versatility, any time of year: For our suburban homes, the luxury of a yard and planting areas in the ground are taken for granted. For apartments and condos where the ‘yard’ is a shared outdoor space or a balcony, window planter boxes and containers add greenery and color with seasonal plants and foliage.

Containers define your outdoor spaces, whether your outdoor room is a spacious patio or an apartment balcony. Cluster various-sized containers, use risers or plant stands to add height and “put a corner” in your outdoor room. Containers can be both eye-catching and functional. As the temperatures drop, a container herb garden quickly moves to a sunny kitchen window.

Once winter is around the corner, don’t pull everything out and store your containers for six months! Switch out for evergreens with a splash of fantastic color. Containers make a considerable impact in winter against the blanket of snow when most color in the landscape is missing. They show off your style and hospitality.

Experiment! Be bold with contemporary styling; if traditional is your style, try unconventional plant and color combinations. I am impressed with the diverse combinations the design staff puts together for our clients each season.

Your gardens should always reveal something about you, and containers are integral to your landscape. A gorgeous container garden starts with experience and knowledge. It finishes with the perfect arrangement of structure, movement and color.

When can we design some flower containers for you?