Fall Landscaping: It’s Not Too Late

September 15th 2022
Brandon Opperthauser

Fall is Just Around the Corner

Fall is just around the corner! The smell of cider fills the air, the colors begin to change, and summer is finally winding down. While most custom landscapes appear to be winding down for the season, they are still growing. A common misconception is that landscape can only be installed during the spring and summer; however, planting in the Fall is just as ideal, if not better!

Fall Planting: Trees, Shrubs & Perennials

Planting ornamental trees, shrubs, and perennials in the Fall offers numerous advantages over planting in the spring. Cooler and consistent Fall temperatures are easier on plants. When air temperatures become cooler than the soil, plants focus their energy on root development rather than their ‘top’ growth. Fall rains also welcome moisture to new plantings, helping them further establish their root systems.

Seasonal Displays: Annuals

With most flowering plants in the landscape done for the season, Fall planted annuals such as pansies can add wonderful pops of color in the landscape. Depending on location, some pansies will even overwinter, giving you an early return of spring color. Make sure to grab your corn stalks and hay bales from your local nursery to dress up your porch or lamp post.

Get even more creative and add more color with Mums, Pumpkins and Gourds from a local farm.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Don’t forget about fall planted bulbs either! While they won’t be making an impact this season, they will surely fill your landscape with color early next season. Fall planted bulbs should be replenished each year to ensure a breathtaking display each spring. Flowers like Daffodil and Tulips are popular choices and come in many varieties of colors.

Late-Season Watering

While everything seems to be winding down in the landscape for the season, it is important to continue watering through the first frost. As noted earlier, plants are continuing to develop their root systems as long as the soil remains warm. Make sure to always check soil moisture prior to watering. Cooler temperatures allow for less frequent watering, as the soil tends to hold moisture longer.

All things considered, Fall is a great time to be planning and installing a new landscape. We have a limited availability in our schedule for the remainder of the season, so make sure to call soon to secure your spot!