DIY Rehab Addict in Detroit

December 11th 2013
Glen Goldberg

Four Seasons works with Nicole Curtis

If you have not heard of Nicole Curtis, you should know that has a considerable fan base. This quote from the DIY Network website explains why:

“Nicole Curtis is a sweet-talking, hammer-swinging whirlwind. Working in Minneapolis and Detroit, Nicole discovers historic houses that have fallen on hard times. By the time the dust clears, a house that was ready for the wrecking ball is restored to its former glory.” 

Four Seasons Garden Center & Custom Landscape Services had the pleasure of being a part of her first DIY house in Detroit! We got a call from an assistant producer of her popular TV show, DIY Rehab Addict. He had asked for a great landscape company, and our name kept coming up! They were looking for help, and we jumped right on board once we found out what they were asking for.

DIY Rehab Addict In Detroit, MI

Nicole had acquired a once-beautiful old home in Detroit; its glory days were long since passed, but with its good bones, incredible architectural details, and leaded glass windows, she was determined to bring it back. Initially, she requested that we trim some yews in the front yard, cut some beds in the back, and maybe plant some grass seed. The project soon became the focus of our senior designer, Lynn Cavanaugh.

Lynn and the Four Seasons Crew Worked Their Magic

We began with the overgrown yews; they were history. Then we cut new beds, added evergreens, flowering shrubs, annuals, ground cover, and sod, and even built a garden bench from reclaimed material. In addition, we provided materials for their Community Garden, which all the neighbors will use for fresh produce that will be ready for the first harvest next year.

Nicole’s presence generated a team of volunteers from the neighborhood to help: neighbors, the Salvation Army, local firefighters, and contractors. We are so privileged to be able to donate materials and our expertise to this project. A local family will have a beautiful home surrounded by natural beauty in a neighborhood that has pulled together to make it happen.

I’d love to show you some before and after photos, but I can’t. So tune in and watch the evolution from blight to beauty. Catch the first episode of the transformation on the DIY Network, beginning December 12 at 10:00.

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