Add a Beautiful Walkway: Add Style, Distinction, and Appeal

August 24th 2017
Four Seasons

Hardscaping in the Landscape

Consider a beautiful paver walkway to increase the distinction and appeal of your home. Advances in design provide more options that mimic natural materials mined from the earth but are engineered for longevity with more strength, durability and easier maintenance than natural stone. Your new walkway will hold well in our Michigan climate so you can expect many years of outdoor beauty.

“When landscaping a yard, walkways often get overlooked. We concern ourselves with pools, patios, and plant selections but then neglect to consider how to connect the different spaces in our yard. By ignoring paths, a garden can become disjointed because of the lack of thought about the transitions and connections.” —Landscaping Network

Natural Stone vs. Paver Walkways

Engineered stone, or pavers, are specifically designed and tested for various applications in the landscape. The primary material in pavers is concrete. Color is then added to more closely resemble natural stone. The pros of pavers are many. They are designed to hold up well outdoors in all climate and weather conditions, even in cold Michigan winters. Because pavers absorb minimal moisture, they stand up well to freezing rain, sleet, and snow without cracking. 

Pavers are incredibly durable and make an excellent choice for our Michigan landscape. They are available in tones and textures that mimic nature, only better: More variety and useful sizes. Pavers are available in various colors and textures to complement all your home’s outdoor areas. And because of their uniform size and thickness, they typically require less installation time.

Natural Appearance

The organic appearance of your engineered stone walkway creates a unique style that works well with any architecture. A paver walkway blends effortlessly into any landscape, whether formal, sophisticated, casual, or rustic. This application can continue in a driveway, patio, porch, or pool deck. Add lighting to the path for safety and additional impact.

Whatever the style of your home, a beautiful walkway can significantly impact the appeal of your home’s landscape. Pavers are beautiful, and affordable and will provide excellent long-term durability and easy maintenance for various outdoor improvements.

Take a look at some of our recent projects for inspiration, and then give us a call to add distinction to your home. Our service starts with an on-site consultation, which involves checking the outdoor space’s dimensions and planning the installation. Our team focuses on finding the best design and materials to give your property that desired look. We only use high-quality bricks and sealants to ensure durability and long life.

We have an extensive network of suppliers offering different types and designs for bricks, so you’ll never run out of choices.