2022 Landscape Design Trends

March 8th 2022
Brandon Opperthauser

2022 Landscape Design Trends

In years past, our yards were used quite differently than they are today. With the COVID-19 pandemic ever changing the way we live our lives, thoughtful landscape design will continue to gain momentum as families spend more time at home. With the heightened desire and need to spend more time outdoors, homeowners are looking to Landscape Design professionals like us to enhance their outdoor spaces. 

Here are the relevant landscape trends leading us into 2022.

Pavers: Hardscaping in your Landscape Design

Concrete areas are being replaced with more linear paver designs. Paving stones have almost endless design options, shapes, and colors. There are many styles of pavers that you can use to match your taste and complete any hardscape project.

You can also install pavers in a variety of patterns and styles like smooth, rustic, cobbled, and textured. Each has a unique look and feel, and brings its own character to a space. By using pavers, we incorporate more elements into a design such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, night lighting and more!

Native Plants in the Landscape

With utility costs reaching all-time highs, homeowners look for more ways to cut back. It’s estimated that 30% of household water consumption is used to water our lawns and gardens. Expanding garden areas and reducing lawn space is a great starting point. Lawn areas on average require about 40-50% more water than trees, shrubs or groundcovers.

Choice of plantings is also imperative to the amount of water needed to keep your garden looking happy. Native plants require a lot less water and care than say a more ornamental plant selection. Colorful perennials such as Black-Eyed Susan, Coneflower and Beebalm are optimal choices. Trees and shrubs such as Red-Twig Dogwood, Serviceberry, and White Pine are also native to landscapes in Michigan.

Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening is a trend we have seen becoming more and more popular through the past few years. I mean, why wouldn’t it be, who doesn’t love a fresh strawberry on a hot July day? Whether you have multiple acres, or just a small porch, anyone can grow fresh vegetables right at home!

When starting a vegetable garden, consider who will be using it and how often. Having too much to manage can discourage the use of the garden. Plants like tomatoes, peppers, and leafy greens are simple and rewarding. Many people are staring to grow their vegetables in containers. This makes veggie gardening much easier, not having to bend down to maintain or harvest.

A well-designed, stylish landscape is meant to grow and evolve over time.

Your landscaping isn’t created for one season or even one year. A well-designed, stylish landscape is meant to grow and evolve over time. Each year we endeavor to research new trends in the industry as new things become available in the marketplace and lifestyles change. Our job is to help incorporate these elements into your new or existing design.

What can we design for you in 2022?